Arctium lappa aka great burdock.

I was first introduced to this plant while living in Toronto. No matter where I went, its large broad leaves easily caught my eye. In both Western and Chinese herbalism, burdock has been used as a detoxifying agent to "purify" the blood; also known as an alterative. With that, it is understandable why this herb is beneficial for both liver and skin health. Burdock may also have the added benefit of improving insulin sensitivity, which is beneficial to kickstart spring. Like dandelion, all parts of the plant are used: leaves, flowers, roots and seeds. The root is used extensively in south eastern cuisine.

As a medicinal: see previous post; but additionally the fresh leaves can be made into a #poultice

As a food: its easiest to walk into an authenic Japanese restaurant and ask for a dish that contains "gobo". With all things considered, you can see why I fell in love with this plant to begin with. Burdock is uniquely diverse, not only culturally, but in its use as well!